MySQL Query Cache

20 May 2011 - MySQL - Justin - 1 Comment



MySQL is a powerful database system that is used to power millions of websites worldwide.  There are several techniques you can use to get optimal performance from your database and one of those features is the MySQL query cache.  The  query cache works by storing the text of a SELECT statement so it can be used again without executing a whole new SELECT statement.  Not only does it store the text but it also stores the result of that particular SELECT statement.  You can see now how this would cut down server resources and ultimately make your site faster!

The MySQL query cache works best with database tables that don not change offer which is the case for many websites. In web server environments the database tables typically stay the same while it’s the web pages that are dynamic. It is important to note that the SELECT query must be exactly the same for the query cache. This means that SELECT FIRSTNAME FROM STUDENTS is different than Select firstname from Students in the eyes of the query cache.

At BlazeForce we specialize in MySQL web hosting and we make sure your web environment is ideal for MySQL databases. If you use a couple of well know techniques your website will run faster and that is what we are all after.

For more information about the MySQL query cache see the MySQL reference manual.

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